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What is Uwinbike ?

« You bike, you win ! »

Uwinbike is an innovative solution to encourage the use of active mobility, measure the positive impacts and act for safety.

First of all we apologize because Uwinbike is 100% in french because it is dedicated to France first.
Nevertheless, due to foreign needs, some translations in foreign languages should come up soon.
Here after you will find some insights in english describing Uwinbike.

Context in France
Since 11 May 2020, the sustainable mobility package (Forfait Mobilité Durable - FMD) has been in place. It officially replaces the kilometre-based bicycle allowance (Indemnité Kilométrique Vélo -IKV), which was introduced in 2016.

The sustainable mobility package (FMD), registered in the law on the orientation of mobility, represents an optional payment by the employer of home-to-work transport costs for employees using "soft mobility" (or active modes: cycling, walking) or "alternative" modes (carpooling, free-floating).
The company can provide a tax free subsidy up to 600€ / year / employee.

It is not only in France that laws like this exist. In Belgium, the "Indemnité kilométrique vélo" has existed since 1999, and is optional for companies, but compulsory for public bodies. In Austria and the United Kingdom the IKV is also in place for business trips.

Why Uwinbike ?
Many companies do not want the “declaration of honour” as proposed by the law for reasons (management cost,..) of reliability and also to be fair to other proofs of mobility (public transport invoices, carpooling applications, etc.)
Uwinbike has been created first to answer the needs of those companies.

Uwinbike, an innovative solution
In concrete terms, Uwinbike allows users to provide proof of pedalling to their employer. Artificial intelligence, linked to the application, enables it to distinguish the mode of transport used by the employee and to validate that the journey is indeed between home and work.
It is the combination of the two that allows the employee to provide proof of pedalling to his employer.

How does it work ?
People who used to cycle to work can use the free Uwinbike app to cycle to work every morning and evening. This application measures the number of kilometres travelled, the number of bike rides, the duration of the journey and the speed at which the user is travelling.
Those personal data are owned by the user, are not available by the company and strictly protected by the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).
The only personal data transferred to the company are the monthly cycle to work proof provided by the employee to its company.

There are also two other pieces of data that can be of interest to the user and his employer: the amount of CO2 saved and the compensation earned for each trip.

Sharing data with companies and cities
The personal data are protected. Nevertheless, to get better mobility data and act for cyclist’s safety, as mentioned in the General Conditions of Use (GCU), the data are aggregated and anonymized at company and city level.
For companies that use Uwinbike there is a portal that allows companies to aggregate employee-cyclist data in a completely anonymous way. Via dashboards, they are be able to visualise and monitor the number of kilometres cycled, cumulative CO2 savings, cycling allowances, etc. In addition, Uwinbike will provide local authorities and cities with a map of all cycling flows. This will be a new tool to prioritize infrastructures in order to improve the safety of cyclists. Our solution will help guide and optimise local authorities' investments.

Status on 7th of Sept : 1.150 Uwinbike users, 69.900 km cyle to work km, 7.800 bike rides, 12 tons of CO2 savings and 41 kg of NOx savings.

For better understanding and full transparency of the data management, the different roles (cyclist, company, city) and associated visible data can be consulted in our Uwinbike showroom ( )

Cycle to work challenges
Thanks to its unique concept, Uwinbike also proposes companies/cities to create fun cycle to work challenges and cyclists participate in some of them.
In Toulouse, Uwinbike is also involved in the Eco-Mode project. It’s a platform gathering data out of classical car mobility (public transportation, car pooling, biking,...) and rewarding the users with mobi-coins.
It will be possible to convert those coins into products and services.

Coming soon
We are currently working on this application to make it more interesting for our users. In the near future, our iOS/Android application will allow users to communicate anonymously with each other to give each other advice or help each other.
A module is under study to locate and inform each other about the different obstacles on the users' routes in order to ensure a safer journey for users. The application will be more intuitive and will encourage employees to use bicycles (and other soft modes of transport) to get to work via a "gamification" system. Users will also be able to track their carbon reduction and overall distance travelled in real time.

And Uwinbike will be in english soon 😀🚴🏻

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